sparkling windowsWINDOW CLEANING

Our specialized water fed pole technology equipment is efficient, cost effective and safe. Only 100% pure water is used, leaving a spotless finish. Surfaces can be cleaned up to heights of 12 meters with our feet firmly on the ground, dramatically cutting the setup, cleaning and man hours needed to clean your windows and saving you money. The results are far more superior and your windows are guaranteed to stay cleaner for longer.
We service private and businesses customers large and small across the Western Cape. From shops to guest houses, office buildings, residents, flats, farmhouses, Estate properties, wine farms, showrooms, factories, warehouses and many more.

*** For the coastal clients cleaning the windows and frames on a regular basis reduces the onset and spreading of rust, whilst keeping your view clear and beautiful.

sparkling guttersGUTTER CLEANING

Cleaning out gutters that are cluttered by moss, leaves and plant growth, preventing overflowing of blocked gutters or down pipes when it rains.
As an optional extra we can clean the outside of the gutter, wiping off the grit and grime that has collected over the years, restoring a clean look.
Don’t risk your life by climbing a ladder!! With our special equipment we reduce the risk and still do the work effectively and thoroughly.


Cleaning your solar panels can make your solar panel much more efficient. Dust, pollution, leaves and even bird droppings prevents sunlight from reaching the solar cells. We only use 100% pure water to clean solar panels, making sure that your solar panel produce maximum electricity. Thus, saving you money in the long-term.

sparkling deep cleanDEEP CLEAN

Start and end of lease cleaning: when you move either your business or residential premises we can clean both the old and new buildings as required.
Periodic deep cleaning: we provide a deep cleaning service of any area of your building, most commonly bathrooms and kitchens.
Final Deep clean of newly build commercial and residential buildings: we provide a clean office or house that are ready to move into, saving you time.